art n' roses gallery

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Silvia Enriconi, self-taught painter, was born in Milan in 1971, since she was a child she developed the
passion for drawing and creativity, which inyears she continues to grow more and more.
 After her studies she attended a fashion design school but later moved on topainting, finding digital art interesting, she began
she also draws with a graphics tablet she immersing herself in the world of illustrations. 
The her favorite subjects of hers are fictional, she doesn't have a unique style because I am always attracted by new things
expressions of art, she also finds it fascinating painting on handmade paper by lei produced by lei,
with which she creates colorful and interesting works.

Her participation in exhibitions and group shows it only started in 2017 in the beautiful street underground of the castle of Vigevano 
where she proposes a digital painting. Subsequently she will participate in other collective events and some fairs with various 
galleries or associations, up to her when she decides to dedicate herself personally and from
independent artist at her exhibitions and fairs, where she has the opportunity to have direct contact
with visitors and be able to tell them about his her works.
Every event was a step forward, every negative or positive experience was a boost for her, she had the opportunity to meet so many beautiful people, artists, gallery owners, curators, collectors or simply art enthusiasts, all this taught her that following your heart and your dream is always the best thing...So finally in 2023 he opens the art gallery, Art n' Roses Gallery in Diano Marina in Via Milano 33 where he mainly exhibits his works and often the works of others artists.