art n' roses gallery

hello !!!

My name is Silvia Enriconi I was born in Milan in 1971, my passion for drawing began when I was a child and the wall of my room was a large canvas for coloring (to the delight of my parents). 

Over the years, creative curiosity has led me to paint, draw and experiment with new things, all self-taught. Following the times I have dedicated myself to digital working with a graphic tablet, creating illustrations used for different projects such as book covers, posters, magazine or web advertisements, window stickers and as images on products intended for sale.
The drawing that I often perform on handmade paper supports of my production, on simple cardboard or supports such as cans, bottles, cars etc., my subjects are usually abstract, symbolic and pure fantasy. 

Over the years I have participated in various fairs and collective events, each event was a step forward, each negative and positive experience was a boost, I got to know many beautiful people, artists, gallery owners, collectors or simply art lovers , I also received a lot of advice that I have always appreciated but that was creating a little confusion about what was best to do, so in the end I realized that following your heart and your dream is always the best thing........and so finally in 2023 I opened my art gallery, Art n' Roses Gallery, located in Diano Marina in Via Milano 33....